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I’ve learned so much by working alongside some fantastic CEOs over the years. When I spot a good trait, I adopt it. Still, many of my thoughts on how to operate have been shaped by what not to do. I’ve been witness to some great folks and close friends struggle in, and lose the position.

I’m sharing five lessons learned. I’ll try to share more as this adventure continues. These five will likely evolve as well. Nevertheless, in my short time as a CEO, these are some tips I’ve picked up, such as they are, that I would say to someone who is just starting out as a CEO.

  1. Communication – Never assume everyone is on the same page even if your company is only a handful of people. Communicate often!
  2. Ask for Advice – There are more smart people outside your company than inside. I’m sure your team is the best, I’m just talking mathematically. No matter how big your company is, there are more smart people outside. So, when you need help try turning to a wide variety of outside sources.
  3. Fire People – Usually an employee already knows things aren’t working because you’ve had multiple talks…. If a person has done something horrible, fire them. If someone is no good at their job and can’t get good, fire them. If a person is great at what they do but cannot get along with anyone, they are poison to your company culture and you have to fire them or lose all the other great people.
  4. Say Nice Things – You should compensate people what they’re worth, that goes without saying. Getting a raise is great. Telling people they’re doing a good job means a lot to a person making the effort. If somebody is working hard and doing good work, they deserve to be praised for that. You’ll feel good too.
  5. Be A Leader – Captain Picard doles out some great advice. He tells her that being Captain doesn’t mean he has all the answers but it does mean that he has to lead. Even if he doesn’t know which way to go right now, he must decide. The point is, he has the confidence to know that he’ll figure it out soon.

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