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6 Essential Components of a Successful Business Website

There’s few things as important to a new business as creating a high-quality website that leads to solid conversions and attracts new customers daily. Remaining abreast of the latest trends in website design can help your company stand out amongst the competition. Whether you’re creating a new website from scratch or hope to tweak your current site, the following facets are vital to success.

  1. Easy Navigation

Make it easy for site visitors to make their way through your site. It should be easy for your consumers to immediately access the information they seek. From parallax scrolling to clearly divided categories, organization and navigation features are integral to website success. Consider a site like http://crushthepmexam.com. The homepage is simplistic, but easy to navigate through the use of dropdown menus under a header of important tabs. When using dropdown menus, always be sure that the subcategories are linked as well to ensure a better consumer experience and “flow” throughout your website. You must also consider search features, and test them regularly to ensure your results page always provides relevant results.

  1. An “About Us” Section

Consumers want to feel connected to the small companies and businesses they support, and an easy way to establish this connection on your website is through an “about us” page. This can simply include the history of your business, your working themes, and biographies on key players in the company. The more connected a consumer feels to your brand, the more likely they are to return. This page may include testimonials, success stories, or social media links that show running scripts of your posts across different mediums. Check out a fantastic example at https://www.apptopia.com/about. Their explanation is short and sweet, but explains exactly what they do. They also include photographs and miniature bios on the executive roles in the company, along with the photos, names and titles of the rest of their employees.

  1. Contact Information
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Always be sure to display your contact information on every page, whether that be email addresses or phone numbers. You want to ensure this pertinent information is easily accessible; users who are frustrated at their inability to get in contact with your customer service representatives aren’t likely to leave a great review. Be sure all of your static headers and footers display your contact information, and use contact forms to your advantage. Consider a site like https://www.bluehost.com/contact. Their contact support page offers phone numbers and chat features with regards to specific queries, making it easy for customers to find the help they need.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

Your website needs to be easily viewed on devices of all types. Consider the statistics: 80 percent of Internet users have a smartphone, and according to recent research, almost 1.2 billion people worldwide use their smartphones to access the Internet. When hiring a website developer, be sure to ask about responsive website design. This will ensure your site can be viewed from virtually any device, whether that be a desktop or iPhone.

  1. High-Quality Imagery

Visuals are important, and you’ll want to invest in professional photography and graphic design for your website. Whether your photos show off products for sale or indicate the types of services you provide, understand that visitors respond to visual stimuli. Over 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain comes in visuals, and imagery can be processed at a much faster rate than text.

  1. Unique Content

The key to a successful website is providing, unique, relevant content that serves some value to your consumers and readers. Companies are increasingly adding funding to content marketing companies and departments, and for good reason. Why does content hold so much power? It’s important to understand the way Google ranks websites. This search engine juggernaut is dedicated to providing quality results for their users; in order for you to rank higher in searches, it’s important to provide unique content that users (and Google) deem to be high quality and of great use.

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There are numerous components of a successful business website, but starting with the basics can see your site on track to attract new customers and retain loyal clients.

Adam P. is a real estate doyenne and finance guru currently residing in Tucson, Arizona. His real estate investments in several states keep him constantly on the go, and his passion for writing has found him penning pieces with unique insights on everything from landlording issues to investment advice.

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