You Are a Media Company (YAMC)

You Are A Media Company

New Course Coming Soon

If you’ve been listening to our You Are a Media Company Podcast episodes, you know that our course is going live at the end of the year.

It will outline the simple process that you can go about learning how to build a media company which will allow you to reach and connect with your ideal client and your target market.

Here’s a breakdown of all the steps:

  • Pre-work – Answer these questions: Target market? Resources? What is your secret sauce?
  1. REcipe / Your Marketing Plan
  2. Crust / Your Foundation (e.g. website/blog)
  3. Ingredients / Your marketing tools (e.g. SEO, social media, networking groups, flyers, etc.)
  4. Pick & Prepare / Select the 1 or 2 ingredients that are central to your strategy (e.g. podcast, LinkedIn)
  5. Put it in the oven (but check it) / Execute
  6. Enjoy the final product / Keep working to perfect it but enjoy the process

Sign up for when the course goes live and check out all the podcast episodes here. It will also be included with membership to members of CBNation+

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