Daily Podcast? We Think So

A new daily business podcast for entrepreneurs and CEOs is now here

What's better than a weekly podcast? A daily one. 

Starting in 2019 expect the I AM CEO podcast to be a daily podcast featuring CEO's, entrepreneurs and business owners. Earlier this year, we launched the I AM CEO Podcast as a laser-focused offshoot of our CEO Chat podcast. The CEO Chat podcast will move from a weekly podcast to more of an experimental podcast featuring video content and unique posts like Who's Interviewing Who? (see below) and less regular podcast but still on CEO Podcasts

The focus was to have a short and value-packed podcast that would give guests the opportunity to talk about their story, background, and their businesses and also provide insight that would help out other entrepreneurs and business owners. In other words, hitting both parts of our mission to celebrate entrepreneurs and business owners and to provide resources and support for them. Lastly, the goal was to spark around conversation around the definition of what it means to be a CEO and the future of business and entrepreneurship. 

Some of the guest we also hoped would be interested in being on the CEO Chat podcast for a longer chat or interview. 

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The pilot season featured a majority of Healthy CEOs (entrepreneurs and business owners with businesses in the health, sports, fitness or wellness industries) and Season 2 will feature a mix of Health CEOs and PodCEOs (entrepreneurs and business owners with podcasts). 

Questions for the Show: 

In each episode we ask entrepreneurs about eight questions in around 16 minutes or less: 

Community - I AM CEO Community
  • What's your CEO story? 
  • How do you serve the clients that you work with? 
  • What's your or your organization's ‘secret sauce' or unique selling proposition? 
  • What's your favorite CEO Hack or app, book or habit that makes you more effective or efficient? 
  • What's a CEO Nugget or piece of advice you would tell your younger business self? 
  • How would you define being a CEO? 
  • Anything additional?
  • How can people get in touch with you? 

These episodes have been extremely impactful and because they are short and laser focused, there's loads of value. 

Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Play and everywhere you listen to podcasts under CEO Podcasts! Also, don't forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcast. 


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