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30 Entrepreneurs Explain the CEO Hack That Makes Them Successful

As an entrepreneur, you have that gadget, habit, app, or book that makes your work easier, and motivates you to do more and that’s what we refer to as a CEO Hack. It helps you achieve maximum productivity and stick to your goals regardless of the hurdles you face as an entrepreneur. For instance, it could be a pro tip on managing employees to make the workplace a conducive environment for everyone. Maybe it’s an app that you have that helps you plan and execute tasks on time. It could also be a book that you read and it brings ideas your way on how to scale your business. The list goes on. You can check our CEO Hacks and different entrepreneurs’ CEO Hacks below where we have insightful responses.

#1- Travelling

Photo Credit: Ganesh Raju

Traveling is something I enjoy the most as I see it provides me with the most productive time. In fact, I feel a quite calming sense of control over my own time, allowing me to look at the big picture and prioritize things. Sometimes it is a forced time out from all distractions from phones and the internet, but that opens up creative thoughts and outlets for new thinking. Some of the most disruptive and innovative ideas that we have implemented in our company have come while I spend time in flight.

Thanks to Ganesh Raju,!

#2- Adjusting my nutrition

Photo Credit: Deniz Efe

Many CEO habits can make someone successful, but for me, adjusting my nutrition for optimal performance and mental clarity is key. Eating clean and incorporating regular exercise, helps me maintain a clear mind and high energy levels. Not only do I feel physically fit, but my mental game is also on point. This allows me to make quick and confident decisions in the office and crush my goals. So, if you want to be a successful CEO, don't forget about your physical and mental health. Fuel your body and mind with the right nutrients and exercise to give yourself the best chance at success.

Thanks to Deniz Efe, Fitness Equipped!

#3- Encouraging my team to be disruptive

Photo Credit: Sarah Watson

Many things go into being a successful CEO, but one of the most important things is to have a good team behind you. A CEO hack that I have found helpful is always encouraging my team to be disruptive. Disruptive thinking is essential for any company that wants to stay ahead of the curve and be innovative. By encouraging my team to think outside the box, I have been able to harness their creativity and turn it into success for our company.

Thanks to Sarah Watson, BPTLAB!

#4- Slow and steady approach

Photo Credit: Adam Habona

Slow and steady wins the race… Many (including myself) are accustomed to working their tails off till they've reached their set goals. As productive as this can be, the one disastrous effect we all feel is becoming burnt out. After having this happen to me countless times I've finally learned that the slow and steady approach of timed breaks and methods (such as the Pomodoro technique) results in better long-term results, decisions, and outcomes.

Thanks to Adam Habona, Obey Business!

#5- Power of remembering a person's name

Photo Credit: Lynne Martin

Dale Carnegie has impacted my life in various ways. Although he is late, his book continues to guide my day-to-day activities. As a CEO that has to deal with people, systems, and processes, one hack he exposed me to is the power of remembering a person's name. Doors will be open for you if you can just remember the name of the person sitting at the other end of the desk

Thanks to Lynne Martin, Cash For Houses!

#6- Podcast app

Photo Credit: Anthony Kalka

The PODCAST app on my mobile device is a crucial resource for me and has been for a few years. I have the ability to learn so much through podcasts and I try to take advantage of that as much as I can because I know their value, especially since everything is absolutely free. I have learned so much about being a leader, a lawyer, a business owner, and even about being a better person.” If you need to gain perspective on a situation, be more mindful, or you just need a good laugh, there’s a podcast for everything and they can be extremely valuable.”

Thanks to Anthony Kalka, The Kalka Law Group!

#7- Oura ring

Photo Credit: Rekha Garapati

I love technology, and my hack is the Oura ring. I am addicted to the data that it gives me and feel like I'm more productive when I'm wearing it. I used to think about being proud that I didn't need to sleep for 48 hours and would be totally fine, but being mindful of my sleep, activity, and heart patterns, has given me a completely different perspective. Listen to what the data is giving you. If you are not healthy, then how can your company be healthy?

Thanks to Rekha Garapati, SoshWallet!

#8- Write down goals

Photo Credit: Dr. Cary Goldstein

When it comes to being successful, there are a lot of different strategies and habits that are key to achieving your goals. For me, one of my favorite strategies is to write down my goals and what I want to achieve on a weekly basis. It's a helpful way to stay motivated and to stay focused on the long-term goal. When it comes to habits, I'm addicted to my iPhone and love to use apps that help me stay connected with friends and family and keep me up-to-date on what is happening in the world.

Thanks to Dr. Cary Goldstein, Goldstein Dental Center!

#9- Answering emails early in the morning

Photo Credit: Bill Bradley

Answering emails early in the morning: What worked well for me was making time to answer emails in the morning. By doing this, there's a sense of accomplishment early in the morning, knowing I've already accomplished one of the tasks. This also prevents me from getting distracted in the middle of the day and taking too much time to answer emails. I get to save more time and use it for more important tasks.

Thanks to Bill Bradley, Mediterranean Living!

#10- Being a constant learner

Photo Credit: Brandon Perton

The world of business and marketing is huge. Each step needs learning and understanding. My habit in the business world is to be a constant learner. My mantra for life never stops learning because life never stops teaching. For this, I aim to talk to new people, understand their viewpoints and implement strategies in my life. The touched side of constant learning makes me feel grounded and accepting of life changes. Prioritizing growth personally and professionally makes the organization dwell better.

Thanks to Brandon Perton, The Old School Game Vault!

#11- The habit of learning

Photo Credit: Andrew Gonzales

I believe that no time is truly downtime. Entrepreneurs should be ready and willing to do more than they ever expected if they want to ensure progressive success. I embody this by carving out at least 1-2 hours a day for uninterrupted learning. As for what I learned about, there are only two criteria: it must be mentally stimulating and must provide me with something to take back into the workplace. Through the use of non-fiction books, business podcasts, and other educational resources, I see to it that even my quietest moments are productive and enriching.

Thanks to Andrew Gonzales, Business Loans!

#12- Exercising

Photo Credit: Luke Nicholson

Conor's CEO hacks using exercise to break up his busy schedule and help him increase productivity when he has to work late into the evening. “I treat exercise like any other important meeting: I schedule it daily in my calendar,” he said. “Unless I do this, it quickly gets pushed aside for other commitments. This is the main reason I started working out with a personal trainer so frequently. It forces me to go to the gym and creates an onus on me to turn up, just as if it was a client meeting.

Thanks to Luke Nicholson, Trustap!

#13- Strict time management

Photo Credit: Andrew Chen

I set myself up for success by adhering to strict time management principles that help maintain discipline. I’m very routine-oriented, so I typically don’t stray too far from my plans to accomplish daily tasks efficiently and productively. Time is a precious commodity that I do not take lightly, so I take great care to ensure that I utilize it
strategically, while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Life happens, so activities get pushed back, and plans change, but forecasting the flow of any given day helps me to establish routines and prepare accordingly.

Thanks to Andrew Chen, Videeo!

#14- Using the calendar

Photo Credit: Jimmy Huh

I think the most important resource that I use is my calendar. I like to keep it with me all the time and I have a habit of checking it every morning. It's a quick way for me to see what appointments and meetings are coming up, as well as my daily tasks. You can't really go wrong with a good calendar. It's one of the most important tools that you can use to organize your life.

Thanks to Jimmy Huh, JH SEO!

#15- The book Traction by Gio Wickman

Photo Credit: Gregg Cantor

The book, Traction by Gio Wickman is my favorite book that has made me more successful as an entrepreneur. As a company, we adopted the Traction principles in our 4-generation family business. In one year, Traction has changed our business in many positive ways including the formation of a leadership team, identifying who an ideal customer is, and creating a mission statement and core values. After reading Traction twice, I also read another book by Gino Wickman called Rocket Fuel. The tools learned in these books are used every day in our business.

Thanks to Gregg Cantor, Murray Lampert!

#16- The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Photo Credit: Ava Collins

The thoughts of one of Silicon Valley's most renowned businessmen, Ben Horowitz, are shared in this book from startup up to the IPO stage. It is without a doubt that this is one of my favorites. In The Hard Thing About Hard Things, he tells his own story of the founding, running, selling, buying, managing, and investing in tech companies. This book is a masterpiece that stands on its own, but it provides practical advice for navigating the most challenging issues that business schools do not typically cover.

Thanks to Ava Collins, Adelaide Examiner!

#17- Prioritize one project at a time

Photo Credit: Hannah Sanderson

Prioritizing one project at a time. Since it helps me focus, I try to complete one project at a time as the CEO of a company. Depending on the task, I schedule recurring events in my schedule and allot anywhere from one to two hours. By prioritizing tasks, I can work faster while maintaining mental focus. In this manner, you can have a productive morning and unleash your creativity. Prioritizing tasks is the most effective way to create a to-do list.

Thanks to Hannah Sanderson, Clever Canadian!

#18- One step at a time and go methodically

Photo Credit: James Angel

One undertaking after another. When you multitask, it may give the impression that you are getting far more done in the same amount of time than you actually are. You won't, so just chill out! You will achieve the outcomes you want if you take things one step at a time and go methodically. It's possible that some people have the misconception that a
successful CEO needs to make multitasking a habit, but in truth, it's a proven killer of productivity. Make it a practice to give your full attention to a single endeavor at a time.

Thanks to James Angel, DYL!

#19- Have a plan ‘B'

Photo Credit: Kader Meroni

My favorite CEO hack is to always have a plan B. The best CEOs are the ones who have multiple plans to fall back on, because inevitably, no matter how good your plan is, something will happen that you just weren't expecting. When that happens, you need to be able to pivot quickly and come up with a new plan—and being prepared for that means having several different options ready in case one doesn't work out. I've seen people lose their jobs because they didn't have a backup plan when things went wrong. My advice: always keep some ideas on deck!

Thanks to Kader Meroni, Atlas Tea Club!

#20- Maximize time management

Photo Credit; Laura Rike

Maximizing time management has to be my number one hack, and I do it two ways. One is by creating and sticking to a time-blocked schedule with my priorities (learning/personal development, sales, and service) and the other part of this is delegating tasks that don't need to be done by me personally to a VA or team member so that I get more hours in a day so to speak.

Thanks to Laura Rike, Laura Rike!

#21- An app called Headspace

Photo Credit: Jonathan Merry

As a CEO/entrepreneur, being productive is what defines me. Staying ahead of the curve and consistently delivering on my mandates is what I live for, and I have staff and departments that look up to me; I have no room for error. Maintaining my successful routines is difficult, but an app has ensured I always strive to be at my best, Headspace. Headspace is a great app that always ensures I meditate and stay focused on anything that comes my way through the day.

Thanks to Jonathan Merry, Bankless Times!

#22- Participating in the community

Photo Credit: Kyle Risley

Most business leaders have a top-down look at their consumer base that’s focused on the relationship between their company and their clients. This can make it hard to build an appreciation for the industry as a whole, and cause a disconnect when a company is trying to create in-demand products and stay relevant to its consumers. Participating in the community around your product ensures that your customers see you as a genuine, authentic member of the community, one they can trust to fill their needs.

Thanks to Kyle Risley, Lift Vault!

#23- Setting the work's priorities

photo Credit: Jen Wan

My favorite CEO hack is to force myself to prioritize one highly visible, highly impactful task for the day. It's all too easy to get swept up in an endless inbox or day-to-day tasks, but these things won't propel us forward; they'll just help us tread water and keep our heads afloat. You're a C-level professional because of the big things you've done, so why limit yourself to when you ‘have time? Concentrating on one thing every day will leave a lasting impression on others.

Thanks to Jen Wan, Soteri Skin!

#24- Google calendar

Photo Credit: Leonardo Gomez

Apart from the meetings, Google calendar helps me pre-plan my time, block thinking time for myself, and also put all the next actionable steps in it to keep me accountable. Being a CEO, you have to be careful about what things you are saying no to and to what things you are committing to, and as you have a fixed number of hours, having everything on your calendar gives you honest feedback on how much time you have and what kind of things you can commit to.

Thanks to Leonardo Gomez, Try Runball!

#25- Being aware of the financial situation

Photo Credit: Sam Underwood

If you're a company owner, you know how easy it is to be caught off guard by unexpected demands for money. It's not uncommon for novice business owners to find themselves in a difficult scenario that threatens the survival of their company. Expect to be taken aback by the sudden necessity for funds to cover obligations that were previously paid on a regular basis. After this length of time, you should have a good idea of when it's time to renew your websites and when additional recurring costs may crop up.

Thanks to Sam Underwood, Sam Underwood!

#26- Bring Storm to work

Photo Credit: Lucy Hurst

Storm is my Hungarian Vizsla who I bring to work with me, and she definitely lives up to her name. She is special in every possible sense of the word. On a tough day, she’ll make me laugh, or at least smile, by just being a complete goon. On a good day, she’ll keep me grounded by appearing with things she should have, and knows she shouldn’t have, in her mouth which I then have to persuade her to drop. She also adds structure to my day. She’s excited about everything, maybe a little too excited sometimes.

Thanks to Lucy Hurst, Sherbet Donkey Media!

#27- Atomic Habits by James R. Clark

Photo Credit: Denis Ristić

Atomic Habits by James R. Clarke is my favorite CEO hack/resource that makes me successful. I read it when it first came out in 2018 and it completely changed the way I thought about habit-forming and goal-setting. The core idea is that we should focus on building small, consistent habits instead of chasing big. This has been incredibly helpful for me in both my personal and professional life. Not only has it helped me form better habits, but also helped me become more laser-focused and efficient in my work.

Thanks to Denis Ristić, Ask gamblers!

#28- Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh

Photo credit: Brad Burnie

I recently read Blitzscaling – The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh and highly recommend it to every CEO out there. This book is a guide for every entrepreneur and business owner who is looking forward to growing their businesses. It describes that sacrifices are important to be on the top and how companies speed for growth and lose efficiency. It tells the reader about blitzscaling problems and how it is just a stage for a company.

Thanks to Brad Burnie, starships!

#29- Batching’

Photo Credit: Nitesh Gupta

One of the most challenging jobs is that of being a CEO. You need to context-switch between multiple job roles. Context switching between multiple job roles is not time-efficient as it takes a while for a human brain to get into the ‘Flow’ state. Hence, I found ‘Batching’ to be the most efficient and productive hack that I make use of in the extreme. Now I devote specific days of the week to singular tasks and context switching has reduced a lot.

Thanks to Nitesh Gupta, Concurate!

#30- Reading at least one book weekly

Photo Credit: Matt Wilson

I am a big fan of books, so my favorite CEO hack is reading at least one book weekly. This has helped me develop my knowledge base, learn new things and gain new perspectives. At the moment, I am reading a lot of books on history, philosophy and self-improvement. I highly recommend the one I'm currently reading, which is The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. This book's influence on me is incredible, and I believe it can help any CEO become more successful.

Thanks to Matt Wilson, Lift Your Game!

What's your favorite CEO hack/resource (app, book, or habit) that makes you successful? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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