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Stay Happy with these Business Security Tips

As the sun swoons up on a beautiful weekday morning, you can’t help it – you’re happy. You can bound out of bed, greet people on the street with the buoyancy of a life raft and leap through your office doors like you were kicking off an MGM musical number.

But as those doors open, what do you find? Your business has been ransacked, burnt to cinders or flooded more than a biblical epic.

Well, that’s your good mood ruined. But, what could you have done to save your happiness and your workplace from burglars, flames or flooding?


Here’s a terrifying statistic for you – a burglary happens approximately every 40 seconds in the UK. And, looking at the odds, chances are a masked villain in a stripy jumper will rock up to your door someday – so be prepared.

Invest in a burglar alarm, security fencing, internet security and, if you really want to gild the lily, a security guard to patrol the premises when workers aren’t present.

More than this, you and other businesses in your area could form a neighbourhood watch style alliance, keeping an eye on your respective properties and sharing info on any shifty types in the area.


Seeing those orange, roaring flames tear through your business is one of the most soul-crushing experiences you can face. Every piece of your business you worked so hard for reduced to ashes in a matter of minutes. It’s enough to wipe that smile off your face forever.

So, what do you need to stop it? First off, install a blast barrier in every wall to reduce the impact that flames and explosions can have in your office. Next, invest in a few fire extinguishers, automated sprinklers, safety blankets and alarms to fight those raging terrors effectively.


It seems ridiculous that something as common as heavy rain could destroy your business premises, but therein lies the truth. Poor guttering or weak roofing can let water in more than a swimming pool used solely by a gaggle of incontinents.

To stop your workplace becoming a monsoon danger zone, have a professional come in and check for damp or rotten areas that could be at high risk from rain, optimise roof shingles so they combat water and seal any cracks or holes where liquid could burst through.

Manage all this and you’ll be able to combat the elements – and save your business.

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