Paris attack reminds U.S. business to prepare [USA Today]

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The Paris attacks featured a combination of improvised explosives and active shooters targeting crowded urban areas that are difficult to defend, O'Neil wrote in an email to his firm's security clients. The assault's success “could embolden self-radicalized groups and individuals to carry out more attacks,” he wrote.

Echoing that possibility, Horner said public venues from sports stadiums to assembly halls and movie theaters should re-examine evacuation plans and consider doing more to inform patrons about exit locations and how to get out in case of an emergency.

In an increasingly mobile business world, companies should also have travel programs capable of providing real-time updates on the location of all executives and employees, along with potential evacuation and health-car responses, Horner said. Smaller firms “can create a policy where any travel has to be emailed to human resources or an appropriate person,” he said.

While the security experts said Americans should continue their normal lives, they said businesses should coordinate with law enforcement and government agencies to guard against terrorism threats.

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