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10 Business Trends for 2016 Success [FORBES]

2016 is around the corner and this post focuses on the 10 trends that you should keep in mind as we get closer and closer to 2016. Here are the Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2016.

1. Top Performing Companies Will Focus On Connecting Customers

2. Smart Businesses Will Shift From Complaining About To Embracing Millennials

3. Innovative Organizations Will Invest In Mentoring And Engagement For Remote Employees

4. Top Businesses Will Focus On Strengths-Based More Than Remedial Leadership

5. Commodity Products Will Continue To See Margins Erode. Services Will Extend Value

6. Leaders Will Invest In A Corporate Culture Of Customer Service To Grow Revenue

7. Leading Companies Will Measure And Deliver Results Not Just Solutions

8. Creative Businesses Will Introduce Fun And Games To Engage Customers And Employees

9. The Best Companies Will Tightly Integrate Content Marketing Into Their Sales Process

10. Rapid Growth Companies Will Invest in Developing “Selling/Solving” Skills For Non-Salespeople

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