7 Tips on Being a Better Closer [Medium]

Remember that coffee is for closers. Grant Cordone is a great sales person and entrepreneur provides 7 tips to be a better closer.

If you want to close more sales you have to learn how to close more sales….

If you want to close those extra sales, it will not just come to you because you call on more people. You must learn to be a better closer. Here are seven things you can do to ensure you become a better closer:

1. Make a Commitment to Greatness

2. Get Multiple and Creative Closing Strategies

3. Believe Price is the Issue.

4. Sell Your Story, Quit Buying the Customer’s Story

5. Insist and Get the Close

6. Tie Financial Goals to Closing Sales

7. Train on Becoming a Closing Master

Curated from: 7 Tips to Becoming a GREAT Closer

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