7 Important Legal Tips You Need To Know to Safely Do Business Online [Medium]

As a lawyer who’s been practicing law longer than the Internet has been around, I’ve seen and litigated just about every kind of case imaginable. In almost all business related cases, many of the issues and problems could have been avoided if one or both parties had utilized one or more of these 7 approaches.

One last thing before we get started. Please remember that although I am a lawyer, I’m not your lawyer. This is not legal advice. Also, the laws in each state are different so please contact an experienced attorney in your state to discuss your questions, legal needs and options.

  1. Tip #1: Corporations and LLCs-Do Business as a Corporation or LLC and Communicate Your Message on Behalf of the Company- Be smart and build virtual brick walls for protection! – Never expose your personal assets to business liability.

  2. TIP #2: TELL THE WORLD YOU’RE A BUSINESS- When promoting your products and services, make sure to let your audience know you are doing so on behalf of your company – Make sure you toot your business horn

  3. TIP #3: CONTRACTS- Communicate in Writing, Use Written Contracts, and Read All Agreements Before Clicking – Read the fine print!

  4. TIP #4: DEFAMATION- When Communicating About Others, Be Kind and Careful About What You Say, Write, Record or Videotape – Smart online business owners practice the “Golden Rule”

  5. TIP #5: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY- Don’t Communicate Using Protected Intellectual Property – Think before your click, copy, download, and use content.

  6. TIP #6: MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION- Avoid Expensive and Time Consuming Litigation by Clearly Communicating this Provision …. Clearly communicating these provisions will avoid many unnecessary claims and also help you resolve unavoidable claims in a timely fashion.

  7. TIP #7: VENUE CLAUSE- When it’s Time to Tango, Communicate Exactly Where the Dance Will Take Place – Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance. Use a venue clause.

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