Bill Clinton to student entrepreneurs: ‘Don’t stop dreaming’ [Venture Beat]

Bill Clinton said that an idea with a team behind it can change the world. To that end, he is encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to think about how they can best benefit society. He urged students to work together to make our communities a better place with this message: “Don’t stop dreaming.”

The 42nd President of the United States made an appearance at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative university event in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend. More than 1,200 students gathered at the University of California at Berkeley campus to hear words of inspiration that will hopefully motivate them to move forward with their entrepreneurial projects.

“No one is too old or too young to make a difference,” proclaimed the foundation’s vice chairwoman and former president’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton. “What you all share is the courage to create, a refusal to see challenges as challenges, but rather as opportunity,” she explained.

The topic of the evening’s panel was having the courage to create and it wasn’t about creating the next startup or how to raise money. The dais spoke about how they dared buck the status quo and how they’re shrugged off any fear they’ve had to have a positive impact on the world. President Clinton’s first asked each panelist how they’ve overcome their fears.

It’s the fear of failing that entrepreneurs need to overcome, members of the dais spoke about, something that those in Silicon Valley don’t seem to worry about. After all, this is the land where the mantra “Fail fast” came about. For Coleman, a NASA astronaut, one of the things she’s scared about is going up into space and makes a mistake. But she overcomes this by telling herself that “in my heart of hearts, that I’ve done all my practicing and that I’ve done all my best to prepare. If you do your best, there’s nothing more that anyone can ask of you.”

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