How to Crush It in Your Startup’s First Year [Cosmopolitan]

The first year of entrepreneurship is a whirlwind for anyone, but Yang has juggled it all while also finishing her degree (she graduates from Georgetown in May). Below, the 22-year-old shares the hard-earned lessons that have propelled Misfit's growth—and changed her life.

  1. Your network is crucial to your success.
  2. At some point, you'll have no idea what you're doing. Ask for help.
  3. Use encouragement – monetary or otherwise – to power you forward.
  4. Ask for — and accept — free favors from those who believe in your mission.
  5. Working in a shared office space can yield big ideas.
  6. You will face a lot of rejection while trying to find investors.
  7. If you've started a business with a friend, don't neglect the friendship.
  8. If you are passionate enough, the hard work won't feel like work.
  9. Stay confident even when you face sexism.
  10. Remember that your business idea can change the world.

Curated from How to Crush It in Your Startup's First Year [Cosmopolitan]

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