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What’s the Future of Entrepreneurship? What Does Being a CEO Mean to You?

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur and what's the future of entrepreneurship? It's this answer that we will look at throughout the month by exploring different aspects of a business including marketing, business plans and even industries that are ripe for disruption. We will explore the future through our content this month.

However, the biggest evaluation of the future of entrepreneurship is the launch of our I am CEO Podcast this month. Entrepreneurship and business, as usual, is not as usual. In many different ways, business has evolved from needing a bank loan, employees, an office space and a warehouse for fulfillment to being able to build a side hustle from your smartphone, a website and leverage digital marketing into a million dollar business without any employees. So what does it mean today to be an entrepreneur? What does it truly mean to be a business owner? What classifies as a startup? How would you define being a CEO?

I'm not sure of the exact answer and I know the answers will vary but there's one thing that I would argue is true and that it has changed and it's evolving and that's the entire thesis of this new podcast–the I am CEO Podcast. It's fitting that this new laser focused podcast launches this month and during the podcast I will interview guests–real entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs–that answer that question of exactly what it means to them to be a CEO. These guest will feature traditional “CEOs,” solopreneurs, small business owners and traditional and untraditional entrepreneurs. The hope is that this podcasts will scratch the surface and spark a conversation of the future or business, entrepreneurship and truly what it means to be a CEO.

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I hope that this month and this podcast sparks a larger conversation and would love to hear from you, what does being a CEO mean to you?


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