Weekly Roundup: Week of May 20, 2012 – Small Business Week, CEO Blog Nation App, Business Plan, Stylish Entrepreneurs

This is the weekly roundup of the best posts from across the web from CEO Blog Nation and other sites for entrepreneurs and business owners:

CEO Blog Nation

  1. Happy Small Business Week! (via DMV CEO): – National Small Business Week started off great on Sunday with a few events and a networking reception.
  2. Yes, There's An App for that! CEO Blog Nation in Google Play (via CEO Blog Nation): – CEO Blog Nation announces the launch of its App in Google Play.
  3. Why Did You Start Your Business? Week of May 20th (via Hearpreneur): – Entrepreneurs Patrick Randolph, Gerald Crosby, Michael York, John Bonnaci Jr., Gerald Crosby and Gerardo Lopez tell the story of their businesses.
  4. Shhhhh! It's A Secret! Rescue A CEO Facebook Group (via Rescue A CEO): – Rescue A CEO along with CEO Blog Nation is proud to announce a Facebook group that will allow entrepreneurs to get things done.
  5. Sections of A Business Plan (via Teach A CEO): –  Teach A CEO understands the importance of the business plan and over the next few weeks, we will go in-depth in every section of the business plan.

Across The Web

  1. Stylish Entrepreneurs (via AskMen): – Unfortunately, given the strenuous 24/7 nature of being your own boss, often the first thing sacrificed by enterpreneurs in order meet deadlines is their sense of style. Not so with these men. Here is what happens ambition meets fashion.
  2. What Advice Would Seasoned Women in Tech Give to Young Women Who Want A Tech Career (via Forbes) – In spite of what you might think, giving the paucity of females in tech, it’s a pretty good place for women to work.
  3. Entrepreneurs: Don't Try to be the Next Facebook (via Fox Business): – Kairos Society founder Ankur Jain on how entrepreneurs can innovate and not just look to what others have created already.

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