5 Business Trends to Watch in 2016 [Fast Company]

Depending on the sort of entrepreneur, employee, freelancer, or company leader you might be, the year ahead holds varying degrees of promise and pitfalls. Some of the changes afoot are already affecting some more than others.

But optimism is itself a strategic asset—as long as it's backed up by a strong grasp of the facts. With that in mind, here's a look at some of the business trends that seem most likely to impact professionals of all stripes in the year ahead.

  1. The Gig Economy Creates More Opportunities
  2. Big Data Gets Even Bigger
  3. Social Selling Goes Mainstream
  4. Lean Businesses Will Win
  5. Generation Z Comes Into Focus

Read more: 5 Business Trends to Watch in 2016–No Matter How or Where You Work [Fast Company]

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