Niche to Win, Baby. [Medium]

Abstract: Startups are more likely to find product/market fit by narrowing their target demographic, understanding customer needs/benefit better, and building more focused & differentiated products along with more specific marketing messages that are better tuned to those audiences. Later, after getting initial traction with a small audience, startups can then grow their market and expand product offerings to go after bigger market segments.

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The success habit I wish I knew 18 years ago [Medium] – Time blocked out to just think. Blocks of 1, 2 or even 3 hours at a time with no agenda. No additional attendees. No anything. Just “thinking time”. Time is our most precious resource. And where you spend your time influences how you do in every area of your life. Want a better body? Spend more time eating right. Want to be a better husband/wife? Spend more time listening. You get the idea.

Ten Business Schools To Watch In 2016 [LinkedIn] – Here is Poets&Quants’ list of the ten programs to keep an eye on in 2016.

Open Letter To Students Planning To Startup [Medium] – You are more likely to fail than succeed. Sadly, our society looks down on failure which only makes it harder. But it is okay to fail. Your story doesn’t end there. In reality you learn more by failing.

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