11 ways to get richer this year without winning the lottery [Business Insider]

The good news is that there are other ways to get start getting rich this year. In T. Harv Eker's bestselling book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” the self-made millionaire identifies specific “millionaire actions” that could help you master and grow your money. Here, we've highlighted 11 that you can start implementing today:

  1. Write down specific goals for your money
  2. Join a high-end club
  3. Read, listen to podcasts, and invest in classes or seminars
  4. Come up with three ways to create income without working your normal job
  5. Instead of saying ‘either/or,' start saying ‘both'
  6. Write down a problem you are having in your life and list ten specific, solution-oriented actions
  7. Read a biography about someone incredibly rich and successful
  8. Show appreciation for the things you strive for and the people who have them
  9. Tell yourself that money is your friend
  10. Write down exactly why creating wealth is important to you.
  11. Do something uncomfortable

Read more: 11 ways to get richer this year without winning the lottery [Business Insider]

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