Strategies: 16 small business resolutions for 2016 [USA Today]

I’ve come up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business, and since it’s 2016, it seems only natural that I have 16 of them:

  1. Make a decision to grow.
  2. Figure out what makes you money.
  3. Focus on recurring revenue.
  4. Send out invoices.
  5. Find a niche.
  6. Bother people; get rejected.
  7. Get found free.
  8. Turn off social media.
  9. Manage your money.
  10. Develop a business plan.
  11. Move to the cloud.
  12. Get help.
  13. Start a reserve account.
  14. Attend or exhibit at a trade show.
  15. Vote, wisely.
  16. Shop local, shop small.

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