Listen up, entrepreneurs! 5 big tips from business titans [CNBC]

Longtime investors and business executives shared insights and lessons learned about the right mind-set for building a wildly successful business with aspiring entrepreneurs at iCONIC in Seattle.
  1. Pursue excellence, not money – “The universe doesn't care if you want to be rich,” Glassman said at the iCONIC Conference in Seattle on Tuesday. “Markets are unknowable. Excellence stands like a beacon, a lighthouse,” Glassman said. “Excellence is obvious to everyone. Chase it. Pursue it.”
  2. Forget the “vision” mumbo jumbo; execute the plan – O'Leary explained that entrepreneurs that are able to set goals, communicate them and are transparent about progress toward those goals are the ones that succeed.
  3. Don't deny big sources of resistance – “When you're trying to do something new, you are going to face resistance.”
  4. Cutting back is not only for worst-case scenarios – “Don't be scared to make cuts. You can't save the world. If you want to be successful in business, you gotta be tough sometimes, and you better be tough in tough times.
  5. You'll never be fully “prepared”; just take the leap! – “I'm a big believer that you're never prepared enough for a job that has the potential for greatness. “You're never going to know everything. You just gotta do it, because the best experience is doing it.”

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