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Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

The word “podcast” is a portmanteau of iPod and broadcast. That’s a more or less useless fact that nevertheless puts you in the know. When it comes to business, you need useful facts that can put you one step ahead of how you performed yesterday. Only then can you hope to remain competitive in your industry.

With that in mind, let's look at five top business podcasts that every entrepreneur should know about.

School of Greatness

How do you like your entrepreneurs? 2x all-American athlete? New York Times bestseller? Former pro football player? Keynote speaker in their spare time? Lewis Howes has it all. Since launching School of Greatness in 2013, Howes has amassed over 1000 interviews with people that can only be described as prominent business movers and shakers.

Having now smashed through the 100 million downloads barrier, School of Greatness is more than just a podcast. It’s a subscription way of life with more than 200 million people on board. Look no further for your next high-performance business coach.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

GaryVee needs no introduction. But in case you have been living under a rock, on Mars, in the Victorian era, here is what you’re missing…

A born entrepreneur, GaryVee got started early with a lemonade stand in school. He then moved on to trading in baseball cards, making thousands of dollars, before joining his family’s wine business at the age of 14. But he wasn’t content with earning a basic staff wage. He took that $3m business and transformed it into a $60m business.

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The list of companies he owns is long, including VaynerX (media & comms), VaynerMedia (advertising), PureWow, (women's lifestyle), ONE37pm, (men's lifestyle)… and so on. Listen in to The GaryVee Audio Experience for the fastest inspirational one-liners out there.


Natalie Eckdahl is a business strategist, author, former competitive swimmer, and the CEO of Bizchix, a free resource for women entrepreneurs since 2014 (currently cruising towards 500 episodes!). The aim of the podcast is to help grow and scale your business to six figures in revenue and then onwards to six-figure in profit.

If you want to build wealth via business decisions that make a much greater impact on your sales than previously thought possible, BizChiz can help. Listen in to discover how to refine your strategies and grow as a business leader. There’s even an annual conference called BixChix Live!

Sound Advice

Brand new on the scene, Sound Advice is a business-focused podcast from Sage that’s all about process and readiness in year one. Presented by business journalist Rebecca Burn-Callander, the interviews lean toward how leading business people gained momentum at the start of their entrepreneurial journey, and how they kept the wheels turning through adversity.

Find out how leading entrepreneurs achieved success and understand the mindset that delivered results. Listen in to appreciate how to think clearly in the moment. Make better decisions that could turn your fairytale business venture into your nine to five. If you’re fed up with thinking about what’s technically possible and you need advice on how to turn your fragile ideas into a business that meets customer demand, Sound Advice is for you.

The Tim Ferriss Show

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Tim Ferris is a bestselling author perhaps most well known for The 4-Hour Work Week (now in print in over 40 languages). A self-proclaimed self-experimenter and all-around well-balanced personable guy, Ferris has been called a mix between a Buddist monk and Jack Welch.

Tune in to The Tim Ferris Show for average podcast lengths of 1 – 2 hours, presenting deep dive conversations on everything from established business tools and tactics to leadership tricks that have helped CEOs – and other executives – to achieve new levels of performance.

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