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New All-Online Business Networking Group Made For Virtual Connecting Launches

Leading With Courage Networking Goes "All In" On Online

Chicago, United States – September 28, 2021 / Leading With Courage Networking /

Leading With Courage Networking (LWCN), a new, online networking group committed to providing a deeper experience and broader reach than the traditional professional networking format, has launched. Founded by Lee Eisenstaedt of Leading With Courage Academy, a leadership advisory practice, LWCN aims to complement conventional networking groups with a business networking organization that promises to “Go Beyond Local” and is almost entirely online.

New Online Networking Opportunities Arise From COVID Challenges

For Eisenstaedt, the time for such a group was long overdue. “For one, there continues to be a general anxiety over COVID,” says Eisenstaedt. “Are people taking the necessary precautions? If you’re associating with an individual who may or may not have been tested recently, what risks are you taking for yourself, your business and your family? Despite the energy for going back to face-to-face meetings, many business professionals can’t ignore that reality.”

Eisenstaedt also found that with COVID-related challenges, small business owners had become more familiar with technologies such as Zoom and adapting to their new way of life working from home. The logistical hassles of traveling to and from business networking events are also eliminated with Leading With Courage Networking.

“If you’re in your car for an hour, then networking, then in your car for another hour, that’s at least four hours of your workday that you could have spent getting other things done,” Eisenstaedt explains“Those are the inefficiencies of traditional business networking that come with the territory. But there has to be a better way.”

What Types Of Businesspeople Comprise LWCN'S Membership?

Seeking a more productive approach, he has formed LWCN, an all-online business networking group exclusively for advisors with 10+ years of experience in their field and features a format that brings together groups of up to 20 senior leaders who meet regularly for facilitated, 90-minute virtual meetings.

There are also some key differences in how LWCN members connect with people and build relationships. Rather than risk seeing the same faces virtually all the time – a challenge frequently faced by in-person business networking groups – LWCN shuffles the members in each group every year. In addition, each group in LWCN has a smaller set of Cohorts (five members in each) that meet three times within one quarter and then change, so the format doesn’t become stale.

Going Beyond Local Networking

“Businesspeople that LWCN has polled are clearly ready for this concept and do not view any drop-off in the online networking format whatsoever,” Eisenstaedt says. “They view it as better because the group is not defined or limited by geographic location. Being an online entity, LWCN is a business networking group that delivers membership without the traditional boundaries. That’s what it means to ‘Go Beyond Local.”

The group has also vetted and assembled a wide array of vetted Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Marketing, HR, Finance and more available in Virtual Office Hours slots that members can take advantage of. Monthly Affinity Groups are being formed for such areas as Technology, Legal and Women’s Leadership Challenges, which any member can attend.

Business Relationships Forged From Emotional Intelligence

The vetting process for member selection is different as well. Rather than entry with an application and a check, each potential member of LWCN takes a confidential Emotional Intelligence Assessment from Genos International® and can opt into an Everything DiSC® Workplace Assessment as well as Patrick Lencioni’s Six Types of Working Genius Assessment at no additional charge.

Eisenstaedt sees this as helping members forge strong business relationships more quickly based on a deeper understanding of their workplace preferences and tendencies.

“The best kind of business networking is always about getting to meaningful relationships faster,” Eisenstaedt explains. “Leading With Courage Networking’s design and tools empower members to do that by learning about each other’s qualities beyond name and job description. To put more hours back into your day at the same time. It’s networking smarter. Not harder.”


Leading With Courage Networking (LWCN) is an online business networking group that is geographically diverse and invitation-only to senior-level owners, leaders and executives. It is built on more varied group and cohort experiences and connected to a pipeline of Subject Matter Experts in several service-based industries. Each group features masterminds and quarterly self-assessments that enable leaders to grow and thrive while benefitting from the wisdom of fellow organizational heads. If you are ready to “Go Beyond Local” and discover a business networking group of highly qualified members that fits into your goals and life better, talk to us about whether membership in Leading With Courage Networking is a match for you. Call or text (262) 412-4710 or email

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Leading With Courage Networking

680 N. Lake Shore Drive Suite 709
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United States

Lee Eisenstaedt
(262) 412-4710

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