How Being Less Realistic Made Me A Better Entrepreneur [FAST COMPANY]

It has been said that “being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity“. For people, especially entrepreneurs and business owners being “unrealistic” or optimistic is often how you break barriers and push the envelope. Those that see the world as it could be and often instead of how it is are the ones that create things like iTunes or the iPod or iPad. These are 3 strategies on how to become less realistic:

But when I decided to become an entrepreneur around a decade ago, and started reading intensively about other successful entrepreneurs, I noticed they had the reverse instinct. Rarely did they ever say “no no, that won't work.” If they had anything in common, it was that they were all optimists.

I realized my “realistic” attitude was actually a pessimistic one, thinly disguised. I decided that if I was going to have any luck with my own venture, I needed to be more optimistic—perhaps even “unrealistically” so.

Optimists aren't delusional, but they do view the world and everything in it through a positive-tinted lens. They seek out opportunities rather than analyze the challenges to achieving them. They maintain their confidence rather than succumb to doubt and insecurity—even if they have legitimate doubts and insecurities—and they consider what's possible rather than what isn’t.

There are 3 strategies to be less realistic or more optimistic

  1. Master your inner voice
  2. Rethink who you hang out with
  3. Manage your media

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