How Much Money Do Startup Founders Have In Their Bank Accounts? [The Hustle]

Over 200 founders answered a question that most are too afraid to answer which was, how much money that startup founders have in their bank accounts. Most were around $25,000 based on the survey. They were flaws (self-admitted) in the way they gathered their data but it is interesting to read the information.

To make sense of this, we asked over 200 startup founders the one question you’ve always wanted to ask but were too afraid to: “How much money do you have?”

Get a coffee and grab a seat… it’s data time.

Note: Here are nine representative profiles we grabbed from the list. For all you data nerds, consider this your first warning that this is by no means a controlled, statistically significant, approved by the FDA, grass-fed experiment. Also, the responses were anonymous so we just made up the names and pictures.
Question: MEAN // MEDIAN
What’s your annual salary?: $99,101 // $75,000
What was your salary 5 years ago?: $81,239 // $62,500
How much is in your checking account?: $47,580 // $10,000
How much is in your savings account?: $170,464 // $5,000
How much cash do you have total?: $218,044 // $25,600
What’s your company’s valuation?: $98,226,389 // $5,000,000
How much of the company do you own?: 55% // 40%
Annual income other than salary?: $198,788 // $30,000
How much do you have for retirement?: $101,531 // $7,000
How much credit card debt?: $14,586 // $0
How much longterm debt?: $164,844 // $0
Overall net worth: $1,819,716 // $62,602

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