Warriors Owner Reveals The ‘Secret Sauce’ To Business And Career Success [Forbes]

“After my loss in Vegas, it occurred to me that everybody in business shares one universal problem: To succeed you have to persuade others to support your vision, dream, or cause,” Guber writes in his book Tell To Win. Warriors owner Peter Guber believes that purposeful storytelling is the “secret sauce” to success because it moves people to action. “Purposeful” is the key word, Guber says. Purposeful stories have a goal, a call to action and it’s that purpose that must be emotional. Guber had misfired in his pitch because he had aimed for Goodman’s wallet instead of his heart.

“For too long the business world has ignored or belittled the power of oral narrative, preferring soulless PowerPoint slides, facts, figures and data,” according to Guber. “But as the noise level of modern life has become a cacophony, the ability to tell a purposeful story that can truly be heard is increasingly in demand.”

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